Missouri Localities Vote Down Use Tax on Remote Sales

Voters in several Missouri localities have rejected ballot initiatives to impose use tax on remote sales. The initiative – known as Proposition Fairness – was on the ballot in August 7 primary elections in Jefferson County, Missouri and nine localities in the county. Voters in Jefferson County and eight towns within the county rejected the initiative. Only one town approved it. The initiative would have imposed a local use tax equal to the county or locality’s existing sales tax and was intended to apply to items purchased from outside the county or locality for use or consumption within them. If the initiative had passed, purchasers would have been required to self-report their purchases on the Missouri income tax form. A use tax return would only have been required for individuals whose purchases from out-of-state sellers exceeded $2000 annually. In Missouri, local use tax applies in some but not all localities.

Posted on August 30, 2018