Missouri to Create Online Sales Tax Mapping Feature

Missouri has enacted legislation that requires the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR) to create and maintain an online sales tax mapping feature on its website. The mapping feature will display sales tax information for political subdivisions of Missouri that have taxing authority, including the current tax rate for each sales tax imposed and collected. The mapping feature will have the option to display the borders and jurisdiction of the following political subdivisions on a map of Missouri to the extent that such political subdivisions collect sales tax:

  • Ambulance districts;
  • Community improvement districts;
  • Fire protection districts;
  • Levee districts;
  • Library districts;
  • Neighborhood improvement districts;
  • Port authority districts;
  • Tax increment financing districts;
  • Transportation development districts;
  • School districts; or
  • Any other political subdivision that imposes a sales tax within its borders and jurisdiction

By July 1, 2019, the DOR will implement the mapping feature using the data provided to it by political subdivisions collecting sales tax. (H.B. 1858, Laws 2018, effective August 28, 2018)

Posted on June 25, 2018