Nebraska Advantage Act Offers Credits, Exemptions to Qualified Businesses.

Nebraska has implemented an incentive program through the Nebraska Advantage Act to encourage state investments. Depending on the cost of the proposed investment and the amount of new employees required for the project, an applicant for the incentive program will be designated to one of five tiers. Each tear will have its own mix of benefits. The incentives include a refund of sales and use tax on qualified items and various tax credits. Qualified items include property based within the state, as well as tangible personal property incorporated into certain real estate projects. Motor vehicles are excluded. In addition, a research tax credit is granted for research and experimental endeavors. The credit will equal 3% of the difference between the research cost incurred and the average research expenses sustained in the previous two years to claiming the credit. The credit is actionable annually for five consecutive years. (L.B. 312)

Posted on February 14, 2006