New Jersey creates an annual sales tax holiday for school supplies, including computers and sports equipment

Retail sellers of school supplies, computers and sports equipment in New Jersey will be eligible for a back-to-school sales tax holiday signed into law on June 30, 2022 as Chapter 21 by the state’s senate and general assembly.

P.L. 2022 Chapter 21 has scheduled the sales tax holiday for August 27 to September 5, making receipts for select school supplies exempt from the tax imposed by the state’s 1966 Sales and Use Tax Act as long as the products are sold to individual purchasers for non-business use.
Exempt school supplies will include:

• Computers with a sales price of less than $3,000 per item.
• School computer supplies with a sales price of less than $1,000 per item.
• School supplies.
• School art supplies.
• School instructional materials.
• Sport or recreational equipment.

Ensure your selling system is properly configured to exempt the appropriately defined articles subject to the exemption during the exemption period. Sales tax holidays for school supplies vary by state in dates, length of time, items exempt, and sales prices of exempt items. Not every state offers such sales tax holidays. (New Jersey, Assembly No. 1522, P.L. 2022, Chapter 21, June 30, 2022).

Posted on July 26, 2022