Ohio Tax Amnesty Program Offered for Early 2018

The Ohio Department of Taxation will be running a tax amnesty program for a variety of state taxes beginning January 1, 2018 and ending February 15, 2018. Ohio Tax Amnesty is available to eligible businesses and individuals that have unreported or underreported taxes that were due and payable prior to May 1, 2017.

Taxes included in the Ohio Tax Amnesty:


  • Individual income tax
  • School district income tax
  • Employer withholding tax
  • Employer withholding for school district income tax
  • Pass-through entity tax
  • Sales tax
  • Use tax
  • Commercial activity tax
  • Financial institutions tax
  • Cigarette and other tobacco products taxes
  • Alcoholic beverages taxes


For taxpayers who fully pay qualifying tax delinquencies, the DOT will waive penalties and half of the interest normally charged. Taxpayers should visit the DOT website dedicated to the amnesty program to learn more about the program, including eligibility and required documentation (Release, Ohio Department of Taxation, November 13, 2017).

Posted on December 18, 2017