Pennsylvania Provides Notice for All Recent Taxability Changes

Pennsylvania has provided a notice that details the changes made to their state laws regarding sales tax. There are additions, deletions, and revisions to the list of taxable and exempt property. If any of the following listed categories are related to your business, find the detailed changes here. The changes that have been made are in the categories of:

“Books and Stationery; Business Supplies and Equipment; CBD and Hemp Products; Clothing and Accessories; Computer Hardware, Digital Products and Streaming Services; Cosmetics and Toiletries; Farming Supplies and Equipment; Flowers, Seeds, Fertilizers; Food and Beverage Sold From a Caterer or Establishment Selling Ready-to-Eat Food; Food and Beverages Sold From a Vending Machine, Delicatessen, Grocery Store, Supermarket, Farmers Market, Bakery, Donut Shop, Pastry Shop, Convenience Store and Other Similar Establishments; Hair Goods and Notions; Hobby Supplies, Toys, Games, Radios, etc.; Home Sewing, Millinery and Craft Supplies; Household Goods and Supplies; Infant Supplies; Jewelry; Luggage, Handbags, Carrying Bags, Wallets, etc.; Medicine, Drugs and Medical Supplies; Prosthetic and Therapeutic Devices; Miscellaneous; Optical Goods; Pets; Religious Articles; Restaurant Equipment and Supplies; Shoes and Shoe Accessories; Sporting Equipment, Clothing, Supplies and Recreational Equipment; Tobacco Products; Utilities and Fuel; Tires and Motor Vehicle Leases and Rentals Subject to Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes and Fees; Vehicle Rental Tax.”

(Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, Notice of Taxable and Exempt Property, June 11, 2022)

Posted on June 29, 2022