Tax Deadlines Extended by IRS for California Storm Victims

The IRS announced households and businesses are eligible for extended deadlines in 20 California counties where a federal emergency has been declared. Further, the agency announced if additional areas were added to the disaster zone, taxpayers in those areas would also have deadlines extended.

As a result of this extensions, individual and business income tax returns for taxpayers in effected areas are now due May 15, including payroll and excise tax returns. This extension is also offered to taxpayers who cannot meet January deadlines for making payroll and excise deposits will not incur late penalties. In addition, the agency noted that until the May 15 deadline, taxpayers may continue making individual retirement account and health savings account contributions.

(Guerry, Matthew. “IRS Extends Tax Deadlines for California Storm Victims.” Law360, 10 Jan. 2023)

Posted on January 19, 2023