Upcoming Texas Sales Tax Holiday for Water-Saving and Energy-Saving Products

Texas will have a tax-free weekend May 26 through May 28, 2018 for purchases of certain water-saving and energy-saving products. Sales tax will not be charged on qualifying items and there is no limit to the number of qualifying items a shopper can buy.

Water-saving products that display a WaterSense label or logo will be tax-free during the weekend, whether purchased for personal or business uses. Certain other water-saving products can qualify for the tax exemption, but only if the products are for residential use. Products can be purchased tax-free if they are used or planted for:

  • conserving or retaining groundwater;
  • recharging water tables; or
  • decreasing ambient air temperature, and so limiting water evaporation

Energy Star branded products are exempt from sales tax during the holiday. You can buy, rent, or lease the following Energy Star-label products tax free:

  • air conditioners (with a sales price of $6,000 or less)
  • refrigerators (with a sales price of $2,000 or less)
  • ceiling fans
  • incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs
  • clothes washers
  • dishwashers
  • dehumidifiers
  • programmable thermostats

Find more information from the Texas Comptroller on water-saving products here and Energy Star products here. (Tax Publications 98-1018 and 96-1331, Texas Comptroller, May 2018).

Posted on May 23, 2018