Virginia Extends Annual Sales Tax Holiday

Virginia has enacted legislation that extends the sunset date of the state’s annual sales tax holiday from July 1, 2025 to July 1, 2030. The annual three-day sales tax holiday takes place on the first Friday in August through the following Sunday. The sales tax holiday covers school supplies, clothing and footwear, Energy Star and WaterSense products, portable generators, gas-powered chainsaws, and other hurricane preparedness equipment. Note that there are specified selling price limits on all of the above items for the sales tax holiday. For dates and more details on the Virginia annual sales tax holiday as well as other states’ sales tax holidays, visit our Sales Tax Holidays chart. (Ch. 628 (H.B. 25) and Ch. 663 (S.B. 116), Laws 2024, effective July 1, 2025, through July 1, 2030)

Posted on April 30, 2024