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Best Practices for Exemption Certificate Management

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1.5 CPE credits
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Exemptions are one of the most “amusing” parts of sales tax! Once you determine the exemptions that you’re eligible for, you must understand how to document these exemptions and what are the correct certificates to issue.

To make sure you are handling crucial documents correctly, it’s important to master the fundamental aspects of exemption certificate management, breaking down the nuts and bolts of this essential process for businesses.

In this webinar, we join forces with Avalara to dive deep into the intricate world of exemption certificate management, for both buyers and sellers. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights into exemption certificate management, ensuring your business remains compliant and well-prepared for the complexities of taxation in today’s dynamic landscape.


Who should attend?

This webinar is intended for financial and operations personnel—including tax, general accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, tax technology, purchasing, and credit—who deal with sales and use tax as part of their responsibilities. The course is also designed for general practitioners, with minimal to no experience.

“Your information is excellent, concise and exactly what we need to try and keep on top of the sweeping changes to sales tax.”

Additional Details About the Exemption Certificate Management Webinar

This webinar will start by exploring the crucial details of certificates, shedding light on what they are and the various types you need to know of, including resale, exempt use, capital improvement, and more. Plus, we’ll unravel the complexities of managing multistate certificates, including those governed by the MTC and SST. We will also cover many of the state-specific nuances, providing examples and highlighting any outliers, such as the Illinois e-letter.

In addition to understanding what certificates are, we’ll guide you through what’s required for a certificate to be deemed valid. We’ll provide a comprehensive walkthrough of exactly what must be present on a certificate, leaving no room for confusion. Moreover, we’ll demystify the concept of expiring certificates, distinguishing between true expiration and recommended renewal practices.

Next, we’ll focus on the practical side of exemption certificate management, looking at it from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives. Learn about best practices for requesting new certificates, including timing considerations, and explore the convenience of tools and resources created specifically to help you with managing exemption certificates and how to outline the responsibilities within your organization.

But that’s not all! Our webinar will also address how nexus affects certificate requirements, clarifying what creates nexus and why you should provide certificates to suppliers for states where you might not be registered. For our sellers, we’ll also cover why you should be requesting certificates in states where you are not currently registered! It’s all about risk mitigation on the seller’s side and tax minimization on the buyer’s side.

Your Teaching Staff

In this 90-minute live webinar, experts Matthew MacNeil of Avalara and Trisha Davidson of the Sales Tax Institute will help you eliminate any uncertainty you have about managing exemption certificates for sales tax. During the live Q&A portion of the webinar, you can get answers to your specific sales tax questions directly from the experts.  

Learning Objectives for this webinar include:
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of exemption certificates including what they are, what types are available, and how each is used in different situations.
  • Understand the points of view of both parties involved in exemption certificate management, the issuing side and the receiving side.
  • Find out what exactly is necessary for exemption certificates to be deemed valid, including walking through everything that needs to be on a certificate (and finding out how to handle expiring certificates!)
  • Gain a proper understanding of the maintenance required for exemption certificates (from both the buyer and seller perspectives!), including recommended processes for your organization.
  • Find out how exemption certificates can be the most effective when it comes to drop shipments.
  • Learn about how nexus plays into the requirements for exemption certificates and best practices for sellers making sales into states where they don’t yet have nexus.
  • Discover the tools and resources that will make your job so much easier!

CPE Information:

Webinar attendees can earn 1.5 hours of CPE credit in the “Taxes” field of study

Prerequisites: This course requires no prerequisites or advance preparation.

Program Level: Basic

Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based



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Your Teaching Staff



Matthew MacNeil

Director of Solutions Engineering, CertCapture Avalara

Matthew MacNeil has been involved in sales taxes for the last 20 years. He is currently the Director of Solutions Engineering at Avalara Inc. Matthew is one of the original founders of Avalara’s CertCapture line of products for certificate and document management.


Trisha Davidson

Senior Tax Manager, Sales Tax Institute

Trisha Davidson has 30 years of tax experience working in both corporate and consulting services. Her experience broadly encompasses Federal, state, and local tax compliance, consulting, and auditing throughout the U.S., with a specialty in sales tax. Trisha is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to help others effectively managing their sales and use tax spend to minimize liabilities and maximize savings.

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