Colorado Department of Revenue Rescinds All Prior Revenue Bulletins

On February 18, 2018, the Colorado Department of Revenue published Revenue Bulletin 18-01 to rescind all Revenue Bulletins and Policy Positions previously published by the Department. The Department detailed that these bulletins were last published in the late 2000s and “do not represent an official articulation of any position held by the Department.” The Department does not consider the bulletins or policy positions binding for tax purposes and says they should not be relied upon.

The Department directs taxpayers that seek guidance on tax matters to consult the Department’s rules and regulations that are published by the Secretary of State in addition to Colorado tax statutes. Taxpayers may also request a Private Letter Ruling or a General Information Letter for guidance on a specific transaction or scenario. (Revenue Bulletin 18-01, Colorado Department of Revenue)

Posted on May 31, 2018