Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) The Federation of Tax Administrators’ (FTA) mission is to improve the quality of state tax administration by providing services to state tax authorities and administrators. These services include research and information exchange, training, and intergovernmental and interstate coordination. The Federation also represents the interests of state tax administrators before federal policymakers where appropriate. This web page includes a handy link to forms pages for all states that maintain this information on the web in addition to many helpful state tax links.

Multistate Tax Commission The Multistate Tax Commission is an organization of state governments that works with taxpayers to administer, equitably and efficiently, tax laws that apply to multistate and multinational enterprises. Created by an interstate compact, the Commission: encourages tax practices that reduce administrative costs for taxpayers and States alike, develops and recommends uniform laws and regulations that promote proper state taxation of multistate and multinational enterprises, encourages business compliance with state tax laws through education, negotiation and enforcement, and protects state fiscal authority in Congress and the courts.

IRS’ Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center Offers small business employers and self-employed a one-stop guide to federal and state tax and wage reporting information. The One-Stop Guide for Businesses page walks employers through the process of starting a business, hiring employees, and understanding reporting requirements. It also links to tax forms, publications, electronic reporting opportunities, state tax offices, and other tax-related web sites.

Streamlined Sales Tax Project This website is designed to keep you informed with all the latest news and developments regarding the Streamlined Sales Tax Project.

United States Post Office The US Postal Service Zip code look up provides not only 9-digit zip codes, but also the county of the requested address.

WowWorks City Guide This web page has links to each state and then from each state you can link to cities in the state official web page and in some cases the Chamber of Commerce. In some cities, you can get to the Revenue page.

State and Local Government on the Net The State and Local Government on the Net Directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Only pages that are controlled and managed by state and local government agencies are included.

American Legal Publishing Code Library To view a code, choose a state from the map and click on the name of the appropriate municipality.

Municipal Code Corporation This web page has links to Ordinances and Codes for a variety of municipalities.

Colorado Municipal League This web page has links to Colorado municipalities including special reports and options to purchase additional materials.

MUNIRevs Offers businesses the ability to file all Colorado Home Rule Local taxes through one organization with one payment.

Canadian Web Pages:

Puerto Rico Sales Tax This website is provided to keep you up-to-date with sales and use tax regulations. It provides an array of sources, such as tax filing, payment system, application for registration, and Sales and Use Tax general information. Although the site is in Spanish, much of the information offered is translated into English.