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From Chaos to Compliance: Navigating Sales Tax in M&A Deals

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1.5 CPE credits
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Business reorganizations are fraught with challenges and opportunities. Figuring out the sales and use tax implications of these transactions is no exception.

If your company is ever a party to a merger, acquisition, or other type of corporate reorganization, you will need to know exactly what you are getting into before the process begins.

In this webinar, we will discuss the best practices to follow from both the buyer’s and the seller’s perspective if your company undergoes a merger or acquisition. From due diligence to liability issues to registration, account closure, and administration and audit issues, we will show you how to handle these complex and difficult transactions the right way, to ensure that you don’t make costly mistakes.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are responsible for finances or for paying sales taxes in companies involved in mergers and acquisitions or any business reorganization processes. Financial and operations personnel who deal with sales and use tax as part of their responsibilities will also greatly benefit from this webinar. General practitioners, with minimal to no experience all the way to highly experienced pros are appropriate for this course.

About the Instructor

Diane L. Yetter, President & Founder, YETTER and Sales Tax Institute

Diane L. Yetter is the “Sales Tax Nerd TM” as well as a strategist, advisor, speaker and author in the field of sales and use tax. She is president and founder of YETTER Tax, a sales tax consulting and tax technology firm in business since 1996. She is also the founder of The Sales Tax Institute, which offers live and online courses to educate business professionals about sales and use tax.

More About Diane L. Yetter

About the Instructor

Trisha Davidson, CMI, Senior Tax Manager, YETTER and Sales Tax Institute

Trisha Davidson has 30 years of tax experience working in both corporate and consulting services. Her experience broadly encompasses Federal, state, and local tax compliance, consulting, and auditing throughout the U.S., with a specialty in sales tax. Trisha is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to help others effectively managing their sales and use tax spend to minimize liabilities and maximize savings.

More About Trisha Davidson

“This webinar was thorough and the examples used were presented in a way that was easy to understand.”

Additional Details About the Navigating Sales Tax in M&A Deals Webinar

Businesses are bound to change, and most often change is for the better. Every department must have a seat at the table to stay informed of transitions that occur in mergers and acquisitions. You can help guide your company on processes and plans that might qualify for exemptions that a non-sales tax pro can’t. What you sell and how you sell it are major factors in determining your sales tax obligations.

The first step in a business reorganization is the determination of the type of transaction. While some transactions may incur a sales or use tax obligation on the transaction itself, others may be exempt from tax but require analysis of the target to determine existing sales tax issues.  Some states may also “require” a bulk sale notification that alerts the state that the transaction is occurring.

This webinar will provide you with expert advice on how to navigate these waters when your company makes a major change. We’ll show you what roadblocks and pitfalls to avoid, and what you need to know regarding your sales tax obligations.

Your Teaching Staff

In this 90-minute live webinar, sales tax experts Trisha Davidson and Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute will teach you about your sales tax obligations regarding mergers and acquisitions. During the live Q&A portion of the webinar, you can get answers to your specific sales tax questions directly from Trisha and Diane.

During the live Q&A portion of the webinar, you can get answers to your specific sales tax questions directly from the experts.

Learning Objectives for this webinar include:
  • Understand how the structure of the transaction can impact not only sales tax on the transaction but also which party has primary responsibility and liability for pre-transaction liabilities.
  • Diving into the due diligence considerations for risk analysis, nexus review, registration requirements, calculation and compliance processes, bulk sale notification, and successor liability.
  • How to manage due diligence exposure.
  • Other tax types that warrant consideration in a transaction, including income tax, unclaimed property, payroll tax and filings, property tax, and gross receipts tax.
  • Review business licenses, registrations, permit filings, renewal dates, and the due date calendar for each.
  • Addressing other outstanding items related to the target company such as audits, contracts, leases, and more.
  • Onboarding considerations for the buyer; as the buying company prepares to onboard the target company, the buyer should consider key elements of the sales tax function and their impact on transition.

CPE Information:

Webinar attendees can earn 1.5 hours of CPE credit in the “Taxes” field of study

Prerequisites: This course requires no prerequisites or advance preparation.

Program Level: Basic

Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based



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