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Simplifying Sales Tax for E-Commerce: Guidance for Sellers and Marketplaces On-Demand Webinar

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Online sales represent a fast-growing percentage of total retail sales in the U.S. – particularly as the pandemic pushed more businesses online.

The acceleration of e-commerce presents immense opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach new customers. However, with more online sales comes more sales tax complexity.

If your e-commerce sales have exploded, you have likely triggered new sales tax collection obligations. Not to mention the added complications that arise if you are selling through a marketplace. You need to have a firm grasp on what your sales tax requirements are and how to handle them correctly.

Rent this on-demand webinar if you make online sales, either independently, through a marketplace (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), or a combination of both. You’ll learn critical sales tax issues for e-commerce businesses like nexus (when and why you need to register to collect tax), sourcing, fulfillment issues, drop shipment challenges, and much more.

Who should attend?

This webinar is intended for e-commerce businesses who make sales through their own websites, online marketplaces such as Amazon, or both. This webinar is also intended for financial and operations personnel—including tax, general accounting, accounts payable, sales, tax technology, purchasing, and accounts receivable/credit—who deal with sales and use tax as part of their responsibilities. The course is also designed for general practitioners, with minimal to no experience.

Simplifying Sales Tax for E-Commerce: Guidance for Sellers and Marketplaces On-Demand Webinar is a 30-day online rental through the popular streaming service, Vimeo.

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Additional Details About the "Simplifying Sales Tax for E-Commerce: Guidance for Sellers and Marketplaces" On-Demand Webinar

The world of e-commerce allows businesses of all sizes to sell on a variety of digital channels to reach new customers in new ways. Sales through online marketplaces are surging and digital shopping experiences are becoming more customized than ever.

As you grow your e-commerce business across multiple channels, your sales tax function must grow and adapt as well. The economic and marketplace nexus legislation states enacted following the landmark 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair decision ensures that nobody slips through the cracks when it comes to sales tax collection requirements.

Here’s the thing… in the fifth year of Wayfair legislation, states are less patient for sellers to come into sales tax compliance. We have been seeing the frequency of audits increasing with growing liabilities. And the states are not being very forgiving when it comes to tax liability and penalties.

It’s time to face your sales tax obligations head-on to keep potential audits and penalties at bay.

This webinar will clarify significant sales tax issues for e-commerce businesses based on the channels you sell on, your fulfillment model, and your business locations. You’ll get the sales tax knowledge you need to help your business thrive whether you sell on your own website, on a marketplace, or make sales of digital goods and services.

Your Teaching Staff

This 90-minute on-demand webinar is taught by sales tax expert Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute. Diane will teach you what you need to know about sales tax as an e-commerce business. She will cover marketplaces, nexus, sourcing rules, drop shipments, fulfillment issues, and more. Learn from the expert so you are empowered to take control of your sales tax situation.

Learning Objectives for this webinar include:
  • Understand economic nexus and marketplace nexus for e-commerce sellers, including when and where you need to be registered and what the marketplace is responsible for.
  • Learn how to calculate economic nexus thresholds correctly based on state rules and the types of sales you make to pinpoint when you need to register for sales tax.
  • Discover drop shipment issues to look out for so you can recognize them in your company and ensure that you’re handling them correctly.
  • Find out how your fulfillment model can impact your sales tax requirements, depending on whether you are self-fulfilled or through a marketplace like Amazon or if you use 3PL warehouses.
  • Learn how sales tax requirements can create implications for income tax and businesses licenses so you are not caught off guard.
  • Discover what sales tax system options are available for e-commerce sellers and how they integrate with common e-commerce selling platforms.
  • Learn key issues you need to think about if take your e-commerce business global.

“This webinar touched on many E-commerce topics and also kept us up to date with recent changes that can affect taxability. I enjoy all Sales Tax Institute courses, but I especially enjoyed this one.”

About the Instructor

Diane L. Yetter, President & Founder, YETTER and Sales Tax Institute

Diane L. Yetter is the “Sales Tax Nerd TM” as well as a strategist, advisor, speaker and author in the field of sales and use tax. She is president and founder of YETTER Tax, a sales tax consulting and tax technology firm in business since 1996. She is also the founder of The Sales Tax Institute, which offers live and online courses to educate business professionals about sales and use tax.

More About Diane L. Yetter

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