White Papers Gated Downloads

We recommend opening each page/resource/form in a new tab for each step. You will need to return to some pages/resource/forms in later steps.

  • Each White Paper requires a resource detail page, a unique form, a ‘Resource Download’ page, an ‘Resource Attempt’ page, a download gate, and a redirect for 404 to attempt page.
  • Name each form, download, etc. with the name of the White Paper it will be attached at the beginning.
  1. Open Forms in a new Tab.
    1. Duplicate an existing white paper form.
    2. Edit new duplicate form (indicated by with “(1)” in the title). Rename by clicking on the form title.
    3. In a later step you will need to update the confirmation page (in Settings) to link to the Download page.
  2. In a new tab, open Forms > Infusionsoft in new tab.
    1. Click “Add New” and select the gravity from you just created from the drop down menu.
    2. Map the email field and relevant tags.
  3. In a new tab, open Downloads and Add New
    1. Name the Download and
    2. Click “+Add File” and then “^ Upload File” in the Downloadable Files/Version section.
    3. Select intended White Paper pdf from Media Library (white papers folder), or upload new White Paper at this point. (the url for the file will now appear in the File URL field in Downloadable File/Versions.
    4. In the right column section “Gravity Forms Form” select the new form you just created in step 1.
    5. Publish
  4. In a new tab, open Pages and search ‘Resource Download’.
    1. Clone a regular “Resource Download” page and a “Resource Download Attempt” page.
    2. Open each clone draft in a new tab.
      1. For each, edit name to include the new White Paper name.
      2. Edit and delete permalink url field and click “OK”.
      3. Publish. (the new page name will now create the url)
    3. On the Download Resource page, replace the short code ID in the wysiwyg with the one from the new Download Gate. (Short code can be found in Download Information section in the upper right corner of the new Downloads Gated you created in step 3.)
      1. Further down the page, update Title override.
      2. Publish.
      3. After publishing return to corresponding form. Under Settings > Confirmation edit the Default Confirmation to link to this Resource Download page url. (a drop down of pages will allow you to select this page). Save Confirmation.
    4. On Download Resource Attempt page, change the text link “go back and try again” to go to the White Paper Resource page. If you haven’t created the resource yet, do so now and come back to this page to update the link.
  5. In a new tab, open Resources > Add New. 
    1. Create new White Paper Resource. Full directions are found here.
      *Remember, when creating a White Paper Resource you must first add ‘White Paper’ in the Types category in the right column and update the Resource. Once updated additional fields become available on this page specific to the White Paper template.

      1. In the section “White Paper” further down the page, add the resource thumbnail image and update the Gravity Form download id with the short code from the Download Gate created in step 3.
      2. Update.
  6. Return to Download Resource Attempt page and update the “go back and try again” link to go to the resource page just created. (same as step 4.d above)
  7. View Download Resource page and click on the download button to get the broken 404 url.
    1. In a new tab open Tools > Redirect and Add New.
    2. Enter 404 url as the Source, and the Resource Download Attempt page url as the Target. Change the Group from Modified Post to Redirections.
    3. Click Add Redirect to save.