Indirect Tax Automation Summit

Coming July 2019 | Chicago, IL

A BRAND NEW live event focusing on indirect tax automation is in the early stages of development! (We haven’t even settled on a name yet!) You have a chance to be the first to know details as they become available. Click to stay in the loop. 

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Why Focus on Sales Tax Automation?

Companies need tax automation solutions to manage increasingly complex and expanding compliance responsibilities, particularly post-Wayfair.

But tax technology has changed rapidly in recent years. Furthermore, many companies do not fully utilize the technology they have. There is data available through tax automation that can actually inform strategic decision making around your sales tax. Decisions that can save you tons in time and cash.

The indirect tax automation summit will explore all of this and more. Attendees will learn latest trends and proven practices in tax automation to implement systems that are efficient, cost-effective, and informative.



What Do You Mean By “Summit”? How Is It Different?

The summit will be unlike any other event we’ve held and that we know is out there.

First, this event is limited to a small group of experienced professionals. It will be a tight-knit crew so that everyone has a chance to offer perspective and participate.

Second, there is an application process to attend. It will not be an open registration process. We need to ensure that everyone who attends will be able to absorb the very advanced level of the event. We also want to ensure all attendees can benefit from the information today.

But don’t worry, the application process won’t be grueling. We just want to understand more about you, why you enjoy working in sales tax, and your unique experience.

Third, this is designed for professionals with a superior understanding of sales tax. We won’t be reviewing fundamental concepts or explaining intermediate sales tax issues. This is for people who have all of that down and are ready for more.

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Quick Details

We’re still finalizing the details, but here are some key details to know…

  • 2-3 day live event this July in Chicago, IL.
  • Limited to a small number of experienced tax pros.
  • Application process to attend – it is not open all.
  • Explore the newest trends in automation – from AI and bots to data analytics and tax engine optimization.
  • Examine novel ideas such as using crypto currency to make tax payments.
  • Take a holistic view of the vast data available and understand how tax systems planning directly impacts the company’s bottom line and how to communicate this to your leadership.
  • Harness the power of data analytics to make strategic decisions and identify errors well before any audit.


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The Types of Topics to Expect

Topics are still being fleshed out and are subject to change.

  • Vetting tax technology vendors
  • How to pitch an automation project
  • Gathering support from non-tax departments when implementing new technology
  • The tax department of the future – how to get your team from yesterday’s thinking to tomorrow’s breakthroughs
  • Unified usage of data using common taxonomy to allow for enhanced and more efficient compliance, better audit defense, and getting a ‘big picture’ of tax related information and data
  • Leveraging RPA to take the mundane, routine and ‘urgent’ demands off your plate so you focus on what’s really important


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