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Sales Tax Summit is a moderated roundtable-style event designed for experienced tax professionals who want to be at the forefront of the most advanced sales tax issues and processes.

This in-person roundtable is discussion based and led by business leaders and masters in tax technology, tax consulting, and industry. Attendance of the Summit is limited to a small group of experienced professionals.

Through a series of presentations, solution demonstrations, and in-depth discussions, participants explore best practices to make their tax department more effective, innovative, and successful.

“This was the best conference I’ve attended. It was nice that it was a small group and very interactive.”

What do you mean by Summit? How is it different?

First, this event is limited to a small group of experienced professionals. It will be a tight-knit crew so that everyone has a chance to offer perspective and participate.

Second, there is an application process to attend. It is not an open registration process. We need to ensure that everyone who attends is able to absorb the very advanced level of the event. We want to ensure all attendees can benefit from the information and share their experiences. 

Third, this is designed for professionals with a superior understanding of sales tax. We won’t be reviewing fundamental concepts or explaining sales tax issues. This is for people who have all of that down and are ready to leverage the experience of other participants and presenters relating to specific sales tax topics to make their companies highly efficient and informed. 

Previous Sales Tax Summit Sessions

Innovation and Disruption in Tax Technology

Experienced tax and financial systems professionals explored what is new in tax automation and technology and the trajectory of what the indirect tax function will be able to accomplish. Discussions centered on the latest trends in automation – from artificial intelligence to bots to data analytics and tax engine optimization. Participants learned how to capitalize on the technology available to start using data to their advantage and bring more efficiency to their department and company.


Best Practices in Tax Administration

Tax department leaders gathered to explore and establish the best practices for tax departments in an interactive series of panel-focused discussions. Participants dove into topics key to leading a strong and successful tax department, including: funding the tax department, staffing and personnel development, visibility of the tax department, data management, reserves and accruals, internal and external communications, budgeting, and outsourcing.

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