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Home Rule Headaches No More: Alabama, Colorado & Louisiana Local Tax Deep-Dive

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What are “home rule” states? And what’s so difficult about them for sales tax?

Home rule states allow local authorities (like counties or parishes and cities) to enact and administer their own sales and use taxes. Home rule jurisdictions are notorious for causing headaches for businesses trying to comply with their rules. They can have their own procedures and often have different exemptions, nexus rules, tax bases, and required forms than those at the state level.

You may be tempted to write off these local taxes as just too troublesome for the amount of tax remitted, but it’s risky to do so. Just as we’ve seen states pursue economic nexus provisions, these localities are doing the same thing. But will home rule administration pass the tests laid out in the Wayfair decision? Often the amount isn’t worth the cost to litigate, which means it just comes out of the seller’s pockets! And you can’t just pay the tax to the state – although this is changing. You certainly don’t want to get caught with an outstanding tax liability.

To help you overcome sales tax challenges in home rule jurisdictions, we’re bringing in experts from three of the primary home rule states, Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana, to dive deeper into major issues affecting taxpayers in those states: local tax nexus, audit issues, remote seller local tax authorities, sourcing, and more.

This webinar will help you mitigate the home-rule headaches by equipping you with the knowledge you may be missing about home rule authorities so you can stay compliant.  More Details

Who should attend?

This webinar is intended for financial and operations personnel—including tax, general accounting, accounts payable, sales, tax technology, purchasing and credit—who deal with sales and use tax as part of their responsibilities. This webinar is also intended for remote sellers, including online sellers, and sellers making sales into multiple states. General practitioners are also appropriate for this course, with minimal to no experience. Please note, we restrict registrations to businesses and advisors and we do not permit governmental employees or private organizations that contract with localities to attend.

Your Expert Instructors

Will Thistle, Alabama

Partner, State and Local Tax Practice Group, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Will Thistle regularly counsels public and private businesses on multistate tax matters, with particular emphasis in the areas of income, sales, use, and property taxes and pass-through entities. A significant portion of Will’s practice is dedicated to the representation of taxpayers in all phases of federal, state, and local tax controversy, including audit assistance, administrative hearings, and litigation. Will is a frequent presenter at national and regional seminars regarding state and local tax issues and is the co-author of a series of charts and articles on the state tax treatment of LLCs and LLPs that have appeared in numerous publications.

Stacey Roberts, Colorado

Director, SALTovation Team, TaxOps
Stacey Roberts has been making SALT less taxing for thousands of businesses over the last 25 years. As a director of the SALTovation Team at TaxOps, she is at the table-and in the weeds-helping guide dynamic businesses through compliance and strategic planning that minimizes risk and strengthens tax positions. Stacey is a member of the Colorado Legislative Tax Policy Task Force through 2026 and a frequent speaker and author on SALT issues for industry and professional organizations including the Journal of State Taxation, Strafford Publishing, and more.

Jaye Calhoun, Louisiana

Tax Partner, Kean Miller LLP
Jaye Calhoun provides clients with full-service tax representation covering federal, state, and local tax challenges and business opportunities. She has more than 25 years of experience and assists her clients with tax compliance and planning, guidance on the use of tax and business incentives, and represents clients in tax audits and controversies. She regularly represents clients in audits and administrative and judicial appeals before the IRS, the State of Louisiana Department of Revenue, and numerous local taxing authorities. Jaye has been listed for a decade as one of the Best Lawyers in America and in Louisiana Super Lawyers. Jaye is an Adjunct Professor of law at several universities.

Diane Yetter, Session Moderator

President & Founder, YETTER Tax and Sales Tax Institute
Diane Yetter is the “Sales Tax Nerd®” as well as a strategist, advisor, speaker, and author in the field of sales and use tax. She is president and founder of YETTER Tax, a sales tax consulting and tax technology firm in business since 1996. She is also the founder of The Sales Tax Institute, a premier think tank that offers live and online courses to educate business professionals about sales and use tax. Diane works with an extensive network of capable partners to deliver a variety of sales tax services ranging from tax technology to tax policy and planning and training. She works with clients of all sizes—from Fortune 10 to small, family-owned companies—in a variety of industries.


“Sales Tax Institute webinars are always packed with up-to-date and resourceful tax news that equips tax professionals with the fast-paced developments in the field of state and local taxation.”

Additional Details About the "Home Rule Headaches No More: Alabama, Colorado & Louisiana Local Tax Deep-Dive" Webinar

Local jurisdictions in home rule states can operate on their own terms like mini state departments of revenue. This has long made managing local tax requirements a difficult endeavor for tax professionals. You must play by each home rule jurisdiction’s rules and accurately track sales and purchase data with the level of detail needed to properly administer local sales and use taxes.

Confusion around requirements in home rule states have been amplified following the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision as each home rule state has taken its own approach to managing requirements for remote sellers.

This webinar will take an in-depth look at key sales tax issues in three tricky home rule states, Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana. You’ll learn how home rule jurisdictions in these states define local tax nexus, handle registration, conduct audits, source sales, manage remote sellers, and more.

It’s time for your company to prioritize local taxes in home rule states. When you’re armed with the information you need, you just might find maintaining sales tax compliance at the local level to be a fun and unique challenge!

Your Teaching Staff

In this 90-minute live webinar moderated by Diane Yetter of the Sales Tax Institute, sales tax experts, Will Thistle of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, Stacey Roberts of TaxOps, and Jaye Calhoun of Kean Miller LLP will teach you all the crucial home rule sales tax quirks in Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana so you are prepared to handle these often-overlooked taxes correctly.

During the live Q&A portion of the webinar, you can get answers to your home-rule-specific sales tax questions directly from the panel of experts.

Learning Objectives for this webinar include:

  • Discover how home rule authorities function in Alabama, Colorado, and Louisiana so you are not caught off guard by unique sales tax rules in these states.
  • Examine nexus issues that arise with local taxes and home rule authorities, including how economic nexus applies, to determine if you need to be collecting local sales or use tax.
  • Learn how home rule states have handled requirements for remote sellers, including the introduction of new remote seller registration authorities and compliance simplification efforts.
  • Understand sourcing rules in home rule jurisdictions so you know which type of tax to collect.
  • Find out how home rule jurisdictions conduct audits, so you navigate the process with confidence and provide solutions to your executives.
  • Dig into compliance issues so that you apply the correct tax rate to your sales and maintain accurate records.
  • Learn how to incorporate local sales and use tax in your overall tax administration with ease.

CPE Information:

Webinar attendees can earn 1.5 hours of CPE credit in the “Taxes” field of study

Prerequisites: This course requires no prerequisites or advance preparation.

Program Level: Basic

Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based


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